OpenRoad Infiniti

I just picked up my G37 from your Service Department today my experiences have compelled me to write this letter. I had my rear brakes replaced at your location in the end of June. From that point on, my brakes would have minor squealing when applying them. I thought that it was because they were new and it would go away. Shortly after, I received an email from Mike Farkas asking to complete a satisfaction questionnaire, which I forgot to do. Time went on, the squealing remained and I decided to contact Mike to see if it was possible to have someone look at the brakes. I knew it had been over a month and wasn't expecting much in terms of service. This is where I was wrong. Mike scheduled a time for me to bring my car back in. Today I brought my car in as scheduled, Mike was not there but had informed Jarred of the situation. I told Jarred that this was the only day I had not heard the noise (go figure!) but he had the technician take the car for a test drive and he too didn't hear any noise. Not once, did I feel that they didn't believe me, but rather wanted to make sure they rechecked their work and that my car left better than it arrived. From Mike to Jarred to Marvin and the gentleman who drove me to the mall, my experience far exceeded the expectations. As a side note, I purchased my car from [a competitor] and have had terrible customer service from them in all aspects of my car purchase/service history. I was delighted when your location opened and have not looked back since! I hope you will pass on my gratitude to the aforementioned individuals. I will certainly recommend your location with confidence to anyone.