Infiniti G35/G37 Review

2009 INFINITI G37 Sedan
Back in 2003, Infiniti brand does not fall into the luxury nor the high performance category. However, after the introduction of the first generation Infiniti G35 sedan, and also the coupe, it solidified Infiniti as one of the heavy weight member in the high performance class. The first generation G35 gave the BMW's 3 series nightmares.

The second generation Infiniti G35/37 has a lot of power and has a nice increase over the first generation . It comes with a 306hp V6 engine (328hp for G37) with 268lb ft of torque, it's again the long time winning VQ engine from Nissan. Even though it only has a V6 but it provides a V8 style acceleration. There is a lot of power for passing on highways.

G35 comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual up/down shift feature (7 speed for G37). It upshifts so smoothly and changes between the gears are often unfelt and fast. However, downshifts has a lag especially during downhills. Combining with the exhaust notes sound, it gives the driver a very sporty ride feeling.

While the outside of the second generation does not look too much different from the first generation. The interior had a major upgrade. The interior is full of fine leathers and aluminum trims. Buttons and knobs are clearly made out and the touch screen display LCD system is easy to reach and user friendly. The seats are very comfortable and the back seats can fit 3 full size adults with sufficient head and leg room.

Infiniti offers the "Studio on Wheels" Bose premium audio system, the sound is simply amazing. However, drivers will always be tempted to turn down their windows to capture the sweet sounds from the exhaust notes.

After driving the car for 6 years, my G35 is still very stylish and engine is running very smooth. There are no major issues with the vehicle and I am looking forward to test drive the new Q50.